I am the positive Yehya. I am 37 years old from Syria. I am the father of a fabulous son named Sebastian. I believe in the beauty of life, honesty, supporting each other and equality.

I studied physical education but all my work experience was different from my study. I worked as a make-up artist, face designer, fashion boutique manager, trainer and Retail manager. I faced the end of my career many times in my life but I never gave up. I followed my dreams and worked very hard especially in the corona crisis. I always consider ( problems ) as challenges and focus on the positive side of energy to face difficult situations. I am glad to finally have the opportunity to work as a Peercoach and receive coaching training by Impower. Now I can use my strength and experience to support and coach people to discover their strengths and qualities and find their way.

Do you live in Amsterdam North ? Do you face a challenge with what kind of work you like and you can be good at ? Do you have difficulty with discovering your self, qualifications and having a stable job ? Face your thoughts and get in touch to work together to reach your goals by discovering your strength and think together to find all your possibilities to reach your career.

I speak Arabic, English and dutch.

You can contact me via :


facebook: Yehya Impower