I am Fatima, 37 years old, ambitious and optimistic, married and mother of 2 children, from northeast Syria, although my mother tongue is Kurdish, I consider Arabic as my second mother tongue. l do speak english and some Dutch as well I had been an inspiration to many girls in my family because I was the first girl who studied at university despite the unhelpful economic and social conditions in my family.

Even though I studied economics and I have a Master's Degree in Quality Management, I worked completely in different fields from my studies! I worked as an accountant teacher, microsoft office trainer and other many position but i saw my self in humanitarian sector especially when i worked with INGOs as a youth, women and protection officer, because i feel happy when i help other people, and i believe that i can reach what i seek

It was very difficult during the Corona crisis to stay at home as a jobless but I learned Syrian cooking and sweets, especially baklava.

I worked hard in that period to reach my goals and that is how I got my chance to work as a peer coach so I can improve my Dutch language and support people to reach their suitable job.

As we target people in Amsterdam north i am ready to share my experience with you if you are looking for sustainable job

I can be reached on:


Direct Number: +31881991765

I could do it, so do you.